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Our Vision

We are educators with a mission to foster a lifelong culture of learning; to provide a safe space where children are given every opportunity to engage their senses; to explore every idea and expand their sense of self and society; to create meaningful relationships and connections between child, parent, teacher, and community; to develop a language of consent and autonomy, and above all, to support every child’s drive to construct knowledge for and about themselves and the world.

The primary objective of our program is to uphold each child as they broaden their foundation of knowledge, challenge them to build upon the foundational skills that stimulate cognition, exercise creativity, practice consent and initiate problem-solving. We enable that growth by providing a highly curated, poly-sensorial environment where children are viewed as competent collaborators in their own curriculum.

Every child has boundless potential and the right to explore in a safe and stimulating learning environment. Children are inherently social and have the right and need to engage in community with adults and children. It is our belief that it is the responsibility of adults, as parents and teachers, to create space for nurturing the needs of children, stepping up when society allows their potential to be wasted or betrayed, especially for those who are most vulnerable to systemic marginalization. To the best of our ability we are committed to teaching through an anti-bias lens, to uphold restorative justice, to listen, and never stop learning.

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Shannon Vasilev &
Erin-Mical Sandman

co-owners / partners / friends

a reggio-inspired playschool

located in Southeast Portland

our nest schoolhouse

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